About Us

After years of perfecting the art of barbecue in the vibrant heart of Brazil, we now find ourselves in the United Kingdom, eager to infuse every gathering with our deep-seated tradition of turning the simple act of grilling meat into a memorable culinary event. Our journey began with a fortuitous opportunity: an invitation to cater a milestone 40th birthday party. The vibrant energy of the celebration intertwined with the rich, smoky aromas and the captivating sight of Brazilian-style meats being served straight from the BBQ. As guests fell head over heels for the tantalising flavours, it was then that the idea for BBG was born.

Encouraged by the growing popularity and repeated requests for our unique BBQ services at various events, we established Bira Brazilian Grill. Our aim is? To elevate every occasion, whether it’s a personal celebration, a corporate event, or a grand wedding, with our high-level service.

This is not limited to the mouth-watering, char-grilled meats cooked to perfection by our professional BBQ chefs but extends to an enticing array of salads and hot foods.
The Bira Brazilian Grill team is not merely committed; we are driven by an unwavering ethos of providing an unparalleled experience for our patrons. You can always expect convenience, professionalism, reliability, and punctuality from us. But beyond these standards, we aim to ensure that every bite you take is a piece of the Brazilian barbecue heritage we hold dear.


55 Addison Road
Guildford • Surrey
GU1 3QQ • UK